My hobby

I have much interest in keeping and the propagation of plants. It always gives a satisfaction when you have succeeded in growing young plants or when the crossing is successful. In my garden I have a great variety of plants. There are special plants, shrubs and many different clematis in my garden and on the terrace there are several container plants. I test a lot of plants first in pots.


Clematis have a strong attraction for me and I have collected many rare species/hybrids. I have made many new hybrids/cultivars and registered internationally, including two strong-smelling Clematis which is quite a sensation in the world of Clematis.
Clematis ‘Scented Clem’, Clematis ‘Delightful Scent’, Clematis ‘De Vijfhoeven’, Clematis ‘Vitiwester’, Clematis ‘Marjan’, Clematis ‘Seena’, Clematis ‘Debbie Fischer’, Clematis ‘Irisevi'(named after my granddaughters Iris en Evi), Clematis ‘Rob Hannink’, Clematis ‘Jurry’, Clematis ‘Snow Bells’, Clematis ‘Roelie’.

Container plants

On this website a few container plants are also discussed, including the very rare Camellia changii. A wide variety of container plants are currently available in the Netherlands. This homepage also refers to an association of container plant lovers: Oranjerievereniging “De Kuipplant”.

Clematis 'Irisevi'
Lapageria rosea wit